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Purchases is a client for the RevenueCat subscription and purchase tracking system. It is an open source framework that provides a wrapper around StoreKit and the RevenueCat backend to make implementing iOS in app purchases easy.

Check out the getting started guide.


Purchases is available through CocoaPods and Carthage


pod "Purchases"


github "revenuecat/purchases-ios"

Getting Started

1. Create a RevenueCat Account

Go to RevenueCat, create an account, and obtain an API key for your application.

2. In your app instantiate an RCPurchases object with your secret.

import Purchases

let purchases = RCPurchases(apiKey: "myappapikey")!
purchases.delegate = self;
@import Purchases

RCPurchases *purchases = [[RCPurchases alloc] initWithAPIKey:@"myappAPIKey"];
purchases.delegate = self;

3. Make a purchase

purchases.entitlements({ (entitlements) in
  let product = entitlements["pro"].offerings["monthly"]!.activeProduct

[purchases entitlements:^(NSDictionary *entitlements) {
  SKProduct *product = entitlements[@"pro"].offerings[@"monthly"].activeProduct;
  [purchases makePurchase:product];

4. Unlock Entitlements

func purchases(_ purchases: RCPurchases, completedTransaction transaction: SKPaymentTransaction, withUpdatedInfo purchaserInfo: RCPurchaserInfo) {
  if (purchaseInfo.activeEntitlements.contains("pro")) {
    // Unlock that great "pro" content.
- (void)purchases:(RCPurchases *)purchases
completedTransaction:(SKPaymentTransaction *)transaction
  withUpdatedInfo:(RCPurchaserInfo *)purchaserInfo {  
  [purchaserInfo.activeEntitlements containsObject:@"pro"];